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Mike Hewitt 2019 Race Report -100 Miler

With Hardrock cancelled, I went looking for a challenge. Palisades Ultra delivered and then some! Race communication was superb, I have never received such a thorough introduction to a course online, complete with on-site videos clarifying challenging orienteering.

The location is spectacular

Prior to the race, we enjoyed a quick drive to the Tetons and Jackson hole. The pre-race briefing, led by director Jeremy Smith, was both pertinent and honest.

The course would pack a punch

Surprised and impressed by the director’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, we were off promptly at 6 AM . After an early orienteering snafu, I remained on course for the entire race, a rarity for me.

Course marking was excellent

What this race delivers, above all, is gorgeous secluded mountain running on singletrack. The flowers and vistas were better than advertised! The descent into the halfway point is eye-poppingly steep, river crossings too frequent to count and thoughts of stinging nettle dance in your head. I appreciate the amazing volunteers, pristine beauty and thoughtful staff.

Palisades has a bright future & provided as much as I could handle.

Speaking of bright futures, hats off to Ryan Montgomery and his impressive win.

Palisades Ultra, thank you!

*Mike finished 2nd overall in the Moose 100 event at the Palisades Ultra Trail Series

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