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Getting to the Big Elk Creek YMCA Camp: Click here for directions

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Grizzly 50 Miler

  • 51 Miles of Mountainous Pain

  • 10,000+ ft. Vertical Ft. Elevation Gain 

  • 10,000+ ft. Vertical Ft. Elevation Loss

  • (20,000+ Vertical Ft. Change)

  • Start time 2:00 am on Saturday, July 18th, 2019

  • The final cut-off is 16 hours (6:00 pm on Saturday) 

*Prerequisites:  Possessing a healthy appetite for beauty and pain... No "race" prerequisites but this is NOT your grandma's 50-miler... Be prepared for a TOUGH race that many have described as the most difficult 50-miler they have ever done, but their favorite!


  • Start & Finish at Big Elk Creek YMCA camp located here, the course covers 1 GIANT, 51-mile figure-eight

  • 97% Single Track (zero asphalt, only a few miles of dirt road)

  • There are multiple creek crossings, depending on snowmelt, none of them are over thigh-deep

  • Drop Bag and crew/spectator access at miles 9.5 and 30, both at  N. Indian Cr. located here.

  • Additional WILDERNESS aid stations located at miles 14, 23, 34, 42, 45 for a total of 6 fully-stocked wilderness aid station stops (8 total)

  • NO PACERS allowed in the Grizzly 50

  • Pricing: $175 by 12/31/19 - $200 by 3/31/20 - $225 until registration closes July 4th, 2020

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