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  • 31 Miles of Lusty Landscapes

  • 7,000+ ft. Vertical Ft. Elevation Gain 

  • 7,000+ ft. Vertical Ft. Elevation Loss

  • (14,000+ Vertical Ft. Change)

  • Start time 6:00 am on Saturday

  • The final cut-off is 12 hours (6:00 pm on Saturday) 

*Prerequisites:  Possessing a healthy appetite for beauty and some pain... 


  • Start & Finish at Big Elk Creek YMCA camp

    • 98% Single Track

  • Cut-offs: There are 3:

    • N. Indian Cr., leaving by 11:00 am Saturday morning

    • Dry Canyon (Before going up to Cabin Creek) leaving by 3:00 Pm Saturday afternoon

    • Big Elk Creek finish, 6:00 pm Saturday evening

    • Dry Canyon is a very hard cutoff. If you do not LEAVE the aid station by 3pm you will be required to head straight to the Finish. You will not be allowed to do the out and back up to Cabin Creek and will be a DNF. Medical professionals will be at Dry Canyon and will assist you the best they can. 

  • Creek Crossings, there are multiple ones, depending on snowmelt, but none of them are over thigh-deep with the deepest being Big Elk Cr. and a rope is secured during high water years

    • You will have wet feet, you will NEED merino wool socks and shoes that drain well

      • We discourage the use of waterproof shoes as they won't breathe well in the July heat​

  • No drop bag locations and no pacers allowed... What you bring is what you get!

  • Crew Access at mile 9 aid station, Indian Creek.

  • Aid stations are located at miles 9, 14, 23, 28 for a total of 4 fully-stocked aid stops

  • Pre-Race Communication: We make frequent updates on social media (so please follow us) but will also send out critical communication over email through UltraSignup. PLEASE INSTRUCT YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND CREW not to reach out to us. They are to go to you with questions. We get a flood of emails & messages right before the race and during the race we are unable to respond to. Most of their questions are answered on our website. Please share information with them beforehand so all can have a great experience. 

  • Pricing: $110 by Jan. 31 - $120 by Apr. 30 - $145 until registration closes Jun. 30

(Select the Schedule & Policies button below to see critical information)

50k Maps

*Exporting the GPX file for the course requires opening the map in CalTopo (upper right section of the maps). Once there go to the menu at the top of the page. Select "Export" and you can download the GPX file there. You can then also import the GPX file into your own CalTopo map and adjust it as you need/want.

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