PUTS 2020 Complete COVID-19 Safety Plan 7/6/20

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

PC: Dan Beck -S. Indian 7/5/20


The content below, as explained by RD Jeremy Smith, can be seen on YouTube. Please note at one point he talks about a "refund" but means rollover. He later corrects that. Sorry for our lack of editing skills!

At this point, we are hopeful that ALL RACERS will be able to attend the 2020 Palisades Ultra! 

However, we don’t want anybody attending who is sick or under quarantine. We ask that anybody experiencing the following symptoms please STAY HOME: Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell,

sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea. **This list does not include all possible symptoms, please continue monitoring the CDC website for continued updates of symptoms as it may change

***Remember that some may carry the virus asymptomatically (experiencing no symptoms)

Covid-19 Rollover Policy

FROM THIS DATE, July 6th, 2020, until July 18th, ANY REGISTERED PARTICIPANT who is required by law to quarantine due to a positive Covid-19 test, or as a result of direct contact as determined by the Public Health Department, will be entitled to a 100% rollover good for 2021 or 2022. TO RECEIVE this rollover credit, please email us as soon as you are put into quarantine-- We ask that you email us a copy of your quarantine letter from the Public Health Department (this is something that you need to request from the PHD-- This letter must show that you are mandated to quarantine due to direct contact). The other acceptable ‘proof’ you could send is a physician’s note stating that you have received a positive test for Covid-19 during the month of July).

***ANYBODY ELSE who has concerns about COVID-19… Please send us an email explaining your specific case and we will do our best to be reasonable and understanding. Thank you for your patience as we strive to strike a balance between flexibility and budget management in these unprecedented times.

Safety Overview for PUTS 2020

Our major priority is and always has been the safety of all runners and volunteers.  To that end, we have established a set of guidelines for everyone to follow during packet pick up, the pre-race dinners, pre-start gathering, and during the race.  We have added extra portable bathrooms and wash stations in and around the registration/finish line area. We are supplying a unique, commemorative face-covering for all racers and volunteers. We have sufficient quantities of gloves, cleaning products, etc.

Please help us protect everyone.  Use common sense, continue using the precautions you are already taking, and follow our guidelines.

Cancelled Pre-Race Dinners

To prevent unnecessary congregations of people, we are cancelling our pre-race dinners. HOWEVER… We are using funds to create a purchase a 1-of-a-kind commemorative ‘buff’ for all racers and volunteers to use as a face-shield throughout our event (you get to keep it after!)

Packet Pick-Up

--MASKS or a face-shield are recommended at all times when social distancing is not possible

1- We will start packet pick up EARLIER... at 4pm MST on Thursday July 16 for the 100 mile participants to allow more time and to help runners be able to stagger their packet pick up and not congregate at the pickup tables.  For the 50 mile, 50k, and Half marathon participants, we will begin packet pick up EARLIER at 3pm Friday July 17 to allow more time and to help runners be able to stagger their packet pick up and not congregate at the pickup tables. 

2- For the 100 and 50 mile participants, we will still be transporting drop bags, if needed, to the North Indian Creek Aid Station.  If you have a crew, they are welcome and encouraged to transport your drop bag for you to this aid station. ***NEW THIS YEAR! While 50k ‘crew’ are not allowed at Indian Creek, we will allow one drop bag for any 50k runners who wish to have us transport these to Indian Creek.

Pre-Race Briefings

1- For the 100 mile participants, the pre-race meeting will be held Thursday July 16 at 6pm.  We will likely be holding this meeting outside of the YMCA Lodge to allow participants to spread out as much as possible. --MASKS or a face-shield are recommended at all times when social distancing is not possible

2- For the 50M, 50K, and Half Marathon runners, pre-race meetings will be held VIRTUALLY (a link to our pre-race video will be sent soon). If at all possible, help us resolve concerns/questions at least a few days in advance of race-date via email!!!

3- Packet-pickup on Friday will be held from 4-8pm 

4- Packet-pickup on Saturday morning will begin at 5:30am

***Please remember that on Saturday morning, there will be a lot of traffic heading into the YMCA camp… And parking will take a few extra minutes!! Leave home early and leave extra time for packet pickup and race-morning check-in.

**The kids race will still occur at 7pm on Friday night.

Race Lodging

We still offer free camping at the start/finish line for whomever wants it! Please be courteous and don’t pitch your tent 2 feet away from a stranger. There is plenty of space… USE IT!

The bunkhouses are still available for those who have purchased them.

For those locals who are able to drive to the race on Saturday morning (50k/ 13.1 mile), please consider staying home on Friday night and picking up your packet on Saturday morning.

Race Morning

1- We encourage runners to wear a face covering and to spread out in the starting corrals. Since most races only have 40-60 participants, we will likely have an ‘age-group wannabe winner’ corral a few feet in front of the ‘just here to have a good time’ corral. Runners will choose their own starting position.

2- We have a large starting line area and there is no need to huddle in close.  Please be respectful to other runners. 

3- Race-morning check-in: We will have additional, clearly indicated check-in locations based on last names. Please check in at the correct location! 

4- Remember that ALL RUNNERS must check in on race-morning. This is DIFFERENT than your packet pick-up!! Check-in for the 50k will begin at 6am, check-in for the ½ marathon begins at 7:00am.

5- Start times: 100 miler begins at 6am on Friday. On Saturday: 50-milers start at 2:00am, 50k starts at 7:00am, and the ½ marathon begins at 8:00am.

The Race --MASKS or a face-shield are recommended at all times when social distancing is not possible

1- It is not mandatory for runners to wear masks during the race.  However, if you feel more safe or comfortable wearing one, you are encouraged to do so.  

2- We encourage runners to have a mask or buff with you to use during the race start, and while passing through aid stations (details below).

3- During the race, be respectful of other racers at all times and respect their right to a safe distance of 6 feet of separation. Since we all come from different states with varying degrees of ‘normal’, if in doubt, its better to ask than to make someone feel uncomfortable (since none of us trail runners have EVER come around a corner to see someone squatting…Or seen someone lube up their groin at an aid station... and that’s not at ALL uncomfortable ;) WHEN IN DOUBT, PLEASE COMMUNICATE!! 

Change to Post-Race Meal

1-There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance of the Lodge.  USE IT!!!

2-Do not form a “dense” line at the entrance of the Lodge to the serving line.  

3-You may eat in the Lodge or outdoors, but we encourage you to pick up your meal and to spread out to avoid congregating.  Please do NOT congregate at the Lodge Entrance.

4. Our post-race meal this year will be a variety of ‘grab and go’ foods. Please consider ‘grabbing and going’ after your race is over! 

Changes to North Indian Creek Aid Station

1-No crew camping at North Indian Creek, as per Forest Service rules

2-No crew allowed for 50k runners (afterall, it's only 9 miles into your race)

BUT… For the first time ever: We will allow an optional drop-bag for 50k runners

3-Crew for 50 mile/100 mile runners: Allowed one vehicle per runner only.

**On Saturday, when we are busiest, we all must try hard to keep crew moving in and out quickly (no waiting for 1-2 hours for your runner and then hanging out for 30 minutes after they leave)

Aid Stations-Volunteers

1- All volunteers will be wearing gloves while serving food and drinks

2- Volunteers will not be allowed to take your hydration packs or bottles.  Water will be self-served or filled by your crew.

3-Volunteers will put small or loose food into cups or baggies where you can select what you want or need.

4-Prepared food will be handed to you.

5-Please ask if you do not see what you need.

6-Liquid cleaning supplies like bleach and soap will be provided to volunteers along with hand sanitizer and chlorox/lysol wipes to help clean and disinfect aid station areas.

Aid Stations-Runners

***ALL AID STATIONS WILL HAVE HAND SANITIZER.  PLEASE USE IT UPON ENTERING THE AID STATION.  Out of respect for our aid station volunteers and fellow racers, It is recommended to wear your mask or buff through the aid station

***For the 100 and 50 milers who have a crew, you are welcome to have your crew set up your personal aid station at the 2 drive up aid stations: 1-N Indian Creek and 2-Big Elk Creek.  Your drop bag and supplies will be set out and ready when you pass through the aid stations.  Our aid station volunteers will take every precaution possible to keep everyone safe.  Please be courteous and respectful to them and the efforts they are making.

1- Do not touch any of the cooler spouts or pitchers

2-All snacks, chips, cookies, gels, candy, etc will either be wrapped or placed in individual cups.  Take the cups of what you need and discard the cup.  Volunteers may also hand you or serve you what you need.

3- Fruit, sandwiches, quesadillas, perogies (prepared food), etc will still be available.  Please just tell the volunteer what you would like and they will hand it to you.

4-Soup/Broth will be available in cups

5-Please dispose of your own garbage.  Do not litter at the aid stations or on the trails.

6-Please Remember- The aid station volunteers are going to have a tough time keeping up. 

7- Understand, they can not do all the things for you they normally do.

8- Be patient. It may take longer than normal to get through an aid station.  It’s a long race.

9- Remember the volunteers are giving up their time and weekend to be here for you.  Thank them for their efforts.

--MASKS or a face-shield are recommended at all times when social distancing is not possible


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