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Andrew Jensen Race Report -50 Miler

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Grizzly 50 Finisher -2018

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to run the inaugural Palisades. The plan was to run 103.6 miles with approximately 54,000 feet of elevation change. I was fully prepared to do so and then I met the course. With a brutal climb right at the start, I knew I was in for a beating. Things got better as the miles passed but they took their toll. There was a total of 33 stream crossings throughout the day, so my feet were constantly wet. It definitely helped to have water nearby as the temps were in the 80's for the brunt of the day.The first 40 miles were supposed to be the easy side and the next 63 miles were going to be the test. At the end of 40 I knew I didn't have it in me mentally or physically to accomplish the task. I sat for 1.5 hours and then asked the RD if he would allow me to finish the 50 mile course so I could get a finish and he agreed to let me do so. Once Max Jensen heard of plan B he jumped on board and asked if he could accompany me for the last 11 miles. The next four hours were spent going into the night with my oldest son and having the best time. As we finished and the clock struck midnight, I got to be the first to wish him a happy birthday. I am so grateful for this opportunity to have run in such a brutal and beautiful place, for my ultra supportive family, for all of the volunteers, for my friends that are so supportive, and for my amazing wife Jenn Jensen for all that she does to help me be the man I am.

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