2020 Race Decision: Covid-19 Update June 1, 2020

After much deliberation and many lengthy conversations with local officials of all sorts...


Based on our survey results... Many of you will be EXCITED to hear this news!! 

We also understand that there will be a few who will be unable to attend. We feel for you in your situation and hope that our offer of a 100% rollover for one of the next 2 years' races will help ease the disappointment. 

Please understand that even in our current state of optimism, we are at the mercy of the state of Idaho, the YMCA, and the Forest Service for race permissions...We will always err on the safe-side and will continue to follow local laws and guidelines (including the laws of common sense)

The current snow-pack is melting almost a month faster than it did last year... So the trails are nearly ready for runners! We have several trail clean-up projects planned in the coming month... Check out our website for more info on how you can get involved.

We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing many of you next month!



PS: Please review some upcoming dates and race policies below... And as always, please feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions or concerns! 

1. Deadline for change of distance: If you have been prevented from training recently, and wish to change distance, the deadline to do so is July 4th. July 4th is also the final day to register for the race so if you have friends who want to come play... Have them get on it quickly We expect a surge of registrations in the coming weeks.

2. Rollover Deadline: If you wish to NOT run this year, go onto ultrasignup and cancel your registration by JUNE 7th. After June 7th, there will be no guaranteed credits for a future years' race.

3. RUNNERS from outside the United States and anybody with a particular hardship: Please email us by June 7th if you are still 'on the fence' about running... We can create new rollover deadlines for you based on current border restrictions and the information you currently have available.

4. A few answers to survey questions...       

Q: Will meals/hat purchases be refunded or hats be sent out for those who do not attend the race?

A: These purchases are not refundable. Come to the race to pick up your swag bag including hat purchases and pre-race meals!

Q: Could we stagger start times to avoid the need to wear a mask in the starting area? 

A: While some races do this, we simply cannot, primarily due to logistics (for instance, we do not use chip timing which helps keeps race costs lower). We are providing a mask for every runner... But will not force anyone to wear one. However, out of courtesy to those who feel that a mask is necessary, those without a face-covering will be asked to start a couple minutes behind those wearing masks. The same start time will be utilized by our finish-line timer.

Q: Will volunteers or runners be handling water...?

A: Runners will take care of their own hydration packs and Volunteers will be handling water. Meaning: volunteers will be dispensing water while runners hold their own hydration packs

Q: Will there be much overlap between different races? Ie, half marathoners mingling with 100 milers, etc

A: In our experience, 1/2 marathoners finish before anyone else (although occasionally a record-breaking 100-mile runner or 50 miler could sneak in there).Regardless of where runners are at on the course, we are taking great pains to ensure some measure of social distancing for all racers! 

Display Cover Image Picture Credit: Dan Beck

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