2021 Palisades Ultra Virtual Event Information

We have struggled to want to put on a virtual event. We are of a "all or nothing" mindset and doing a virtual event and charging money for an artificial experience is not what Palisades Ultra is about. From July 10th to Aug 10th we will hold a virtual event. You do not need to signup or pay any money. Please note that if you were authorized a rollover from the 2020 event it will apply for 2022, we will send out info on how to rollover and signup for 2022 to those this applies to.


1. Overview: All runs must be on trails or at the very least a dirt road ANYWHERE in the world. Can be part of an actual race or you can do this on your own. If its a relatively "flat course" you run you will lose 1/2 of your tickets. By relative we will say you should do at least 1/2 the vert of the PUTS distance you are matching. Course vert info can be found under the "Races" tab for each race distance. You can only count 1 run for each distance for tickets but you have the chance to earn a total of 15 tickets. Each run/entry must be separate runs on different days. You can't go run a 200 miler and say you did all 4 distances! We will however be very impressed!


2. Prizes: We will hold a random lottery for free or discounted entries into the LIVE 2022 event. No medal or shirts. Head over to our online store and order a buff or hats. We have new large stickers as well you can add on to your order!


3. Tickets:

13.1mile = 1 ticket

50k= 2 tickets

50mile= 4 tickets

100mile=8 tickets


4. Qualifying Entries: You report your run and claim your tickets by submitting/posting the link to your run on Strava in the "Palisades Ultra, Connect & Conquer" Facebook group HERE. You must also join the group. Almost all watches and apps will sync with Strava. You can track your run on your watch or phone, even on the Strava app itself, just make sure it shows up on Strava. Manual uploads will not qualify. As a backup, we will consider official race results from a race if the distance is a 50 Mile or 100 Mile because your battery died.

To be a qualifying entry we would ask that you title the Facebook post with the hashtag #puts2021virtual and then the race distance of 13.1, 50k, 50m or 100m separate from the hashtag.

-----  eg. Today I did the 50k and it was a blast! #puts2021virtual  -----

If you don't put the #puts2021virtual in the Facebook post it won't pull up in our search results and the tickets won't be counted. Pictures are highly encouraged, especially if you do it on the actual Palisades course! We may do a picture contest.


5. Bonus Ticket: For each event you can earn 1 extra ticket if you share your post you make in the Palisades Ultra Connect & Conquer group to your own personal page. You can earn 4 extra tickets if you do all 4 events and then share your posts from this group to your own page. Please comment on your post in the Facebook group with "shared" when you do.

6. Awards: The lottery will be held on August 11th. We will randomly draw tickets and award accordingly:

1st draw (1st place award) will get 2 free Palisades Ultra entry's for 2022. 1 for you and 1 for a friend, any distance!

2nd draw (2nd place award) will get 1 free 2022 entry

3rd draw (3rd place award) will get 60% off their 2022 entry
4th draw (4th place award) will get 30% off their 2022 entry

BONUS AWARD the first person to complete all 4 distances will get a free entry into the 2022 event. If you don't get 1st or 2nd draw, we will throw you a bone, you earned it. 

Only entries/posts to the group Facebook page on or after July 10th and up to and including August 10th 2021 are eligible. The run must be in that same timeframe and the time/date stamp on your Strava event will prove that. If you start your run on 11:59 July 9th that is what Strava will mark the date/time as and it will not count!
The free/discounted entries are not transferable and cannot be rolled over to 2023.

Good luck!